Tax Code Reform

POLL: American Families Struggle with the Cost of Child Care -

Child care is among the largest household expenses for families with young children across the country. According to a new study from, one-third of American families spend 20% of their household income on child care, leaving some families feeling financial strain.’s Cost of Care Survey also found that 67% of new parents were surprised by how much child care costs, while 52% of families thought they were already … Read More

These Child Care Tax Proposals Would Bring Working Families Much-Needed Relief on #TaxDay -

Tuesday is the deadline for Americans to file their federal income tax returns, and while the tax code includes numerous provisions to help families offset higher education costs, very few incentives exist to offset early childhood expenses. Changing this dynamic is crucial, not just for the wellbeing of today’s children, but for the economic health of our country. Access to affordable, reliable, and quality early learning and care is an … Read More

Louisiana Strengthening Early Learning Programs Through School Readiness Tax Credits -

We spend a lot of time touting the benefits of quality early childhood education (ECE) for low income children. After all, brain science proves that these programs have long-term positive effects on children, families, and entire communities. The state of Louisiana has made a significant investment in early childhood education programs through school readiness tax credits. These tax credits have helped to grow the number and expand the reach of … Read More

Child Tax Credit Expansion Emerges as Bipartisan Opportunity to Support Youngest Children -

Politico’s Brian Faler recently reported on how Republicans and Democrats might be able to find common ground next year on expanding the child tax credit. Doing so would be a step in the right direction. Advancing the welfare of young children should be something that appeals to every political lean. Our tax code has a long history of incentivizing important social priorities, including college education, homeownership and saving … Read More