Month: May 2011

Breaking News! $500 Million for Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge -

Moments ago, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius revealed the number we’ve all been waiting for: $500 million for Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grants. This investment is a hard-earned down payment in an ongoing campaign to provide the nation’s most vulnerable children with what they need to be successful and to ultimately create greater economic prosperity for all of us. The … Read More

An Ode to Early Learning’s Accidental Friend, Charlie Sheen -

The First Five Years Fund pauses to tip its hat to our improbable hero of the day—Charlie Sheen—as he continues on his tour of spectacular self-combustion. That’s right, you heard me. Charlie Sheen. Thanks to the actor’s aforementioned spiral into infamy, Sheen inadvertently made it possible to showcase the importance of early learning in America’s foremost conversation pit: on a Jumbotron smack dab in New York City’s Times Square. The … Read More