Month: August 2012

Watch and Share: Hanging in the Balance: A Head Start for Low-Income Kids -

Head Start provides low-income children with foundational skills for success that pay off for everyone. By shaping the early skills that lead to adult productivity, Head Start reduces the high costs of remediation and social dependence—and increases productivity and economic growth. Watch this video to learn what’s at stake for low-income children this year should the Head Start program face devastating cuts as a result of sequestration early next year. Read More

Introducing Kris Perry, Our New Executive Director -

The First Five Years Fund is pleased to announce that Kris Perry has been appointed our new executive director. When the executive director search began, our wish list was long and lofty: blend the strategic savvy of a seasoned politician and the content expertise of a policy wonk with a deft communicator and visionary leader. We barely dared to dream there was any one person who could fit the … Read More

In Case You Missed It: Early Education for Success Event Wrap-Up -

Given the resounding evidence that investing in early learning drives economic prosperity, why aren’t candidates trumpeting early learning platforms? Why isn’t the voting populace clamoring for them to talk about it? And what can we as advocates do to change all that and inject some early learning into the dialog? We tackled those questions and more on Tuesday, when early learning took its place in the spotlight amid an audience … Read More