Month: December 2012

A Teachable Moment -

As Congress runs precariously close to the edge of the “fiscal cliff,” we have a critical opportunity to educate decision-makers about the very real human cliff faced by millions of disadvantaged children who experience a drop off in achievement caused by gaps in early childhood education. These fiscal and human realities are intricately linked. Deficits in foundational skills and capabilities resulting from lack of quality early childhood education programs hamper … Read More

First Five Years Fund Statement on the Grand Bargain -

Investments in Quality Early Childhood Development within the “Grand Bargain” Would Reduce Debt and Strengthen the Economy First Five Years Fund Urges Lawmakers to Seize Investment Opportunity At a time when Washington seeks solutions to the fiscal cliff, investing in quality early childhood development is the way to accomplish both goals of reducing the debt in a balanced way and strengthening the economy in the short … Read More