Month: January 2014

A Statement From First Five Years Fund Executive Director Kris Perry On President Barack Obama’s 2014 State Of The Union -

Twelve months ago, President Barack Obama made history by making early childhood education a national priority in his 2013 State of the Union address. Tonight, we couldn’t be more thrilled that the president chose to reinforce early childhood education as one of the most important economic priorities for our nation. Tonight, President Obama reiterated, “Research shows that one of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is … Read More

It’s time for action on early childhood education -

President Obama made a smart call in the State of the Union address. It’s time to take action on providing greater access to quality early childhood education. Science, economics and strong, bipartisan support indicated that we can and should act today to create a better tomorrow. The public clearly sees the value of early childhood education. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll finds that access to preschool … Read More

The State of the Union and Early Childhood Education -

So much has happened in the last year. So much has been accomplished. So much more needs to be done. That’s the story as we come into this year’s State of the Union address, where it is highly likely that President Obama will once again call for a historic investment in early childhood education. Almost a year ago, President Obama put early childhood education on the national stage when he … Read More

Three Ways Congress Got it Right – Early Education Wins in the Funding Bill -

Let’s give our federal legislators a round of applause: under severe budget constraints, the House and Senate approved a final funding bill with big investments in early learning. Here are big three ways that Congress got it right: They reversed the indiscriminate sequestration cuts. The funding level for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), $2.36 billion, is about $154 million over last year’s post-sequester levels, meaning it restores … Read More


The First Five Years Fund feels extremely positive about the Appropriations deal announced this evening. Clearly, early childhood education is one of the biggest winners in the bill. Despite being constrained by the Murray-Ryan budget deal, the Appropriations Committee heard the overwhelming support for early learning from voters, economists, CEOs and law enforcement officials and made early childhood education a significant priority. Early childhood education overall was increased by over $1 billion, … Read More