Month: August 2015

Why Investing In Preschool Is So Important -

Brain scientists, educators, and economist agree, the first five years of life are a critical time when children develop the early cognitive and character skills that set the foundation for success later in school and life. Unfortunately, more than 2.5 million four-year-olds don’t have access to publicly funded preschool programs and even fewer are enrolled in “high-quality” programs. To meet this unmet need and serve more children, the federal … Read More

How Rising Cost of Childcare Affects Families -

Childcare costs have surged more than twice the pace of overall inflation since 1990. And now a new Washington Post poll shows just how the rising cost of childcare affects families across the country. Not only is childcare expensive, but also hard to find, leaving a surprising number of parents scaling back at work to care for their children. Three-quarters of mothers and half of fathers in the … Read More

Social-Emotional Skills Predict Success -

A new report supports what researchers have been saying for years: the first five years of life lay the foundation for a child’s future achievement and life trajectory. According to the new report in the American Journal of Public Health, kindergarteners who develop important social-emotional skills early on may have better life outcomes. Specifically, children who share, cooperate, and problem solve are less likely to drop out of school, commit … Read More

SCAN Airs Early Childhood Education Ads in Swing States -

This past week, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) announced they will be running television ads in Iowa to raise the profile of their High 5 for kids early childhood campaign.  The ads, which feature Iowans from both sides of the aisle, ask presidential candidates visiting the swing state to make early childhood a priority. Watch one of the ads below: … Read More

Early Ed is Up for Debate -

The first Republican presidential debate is just one day away, presenting an opportunity for candidates to highlight what many have said for years: investing in quality early education is a national priority. In fact, two years of polling by the First Five Years Fund has shown that early childhood education is the number two priority for voters after improving jobs and the economy and one of the few … Read More