Month: February 2016

U.S. House Task Force on Poverty Cites Early Learning as Key Option for Promoting Upward Mobility -

Over fifty years after President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty, national experts and policymakers continue debating solutions for breaking the cycle as it exists today. Yesterday, the House of Representative’s Task Force on Poverty, Opportunity, and Upward Mobility released their vision and mission statement, proposing early childhood education as a policy reform option for breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting upward mobility in America. Specifically, the … Read More

Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Optimize Existing Programs to Increase Access and Quality for Infant and Toddlers -

Children are born learning, and at this early stage of development, the brain grows through touch, talk, sight and sound. This makes the baby’s interactions with its environment and caregivers critical to building a foundation upon which subsequent development milestones are shaped.  Providing enriching experiences that promote growth across the domains of development at this critical time requires a substantial financial investment on the part of the family. Access to … Read More

New White House Report Highlights Need for Early Learning Investments -

Earlier this week, the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors released its 70th annual Economic Report of the President shedding light on the state of today’s economy. While the economy shows modest, steady growth, the report found that widening inequality still remains. One of the reports proposals to ease inequality would be to help low-income families and invest in early childhood education. Specifically, Chapter 4 of the economic report … Read More

FFYF Celebrates Black History Month -

As Black History Month comes to a close, we at FFYF want to take this opportunity to shine a light on investments at the local, state and national level in early learning as they collectively strive to improve the early learning opportunities for black children from low-income families every day, and not just in February. Starting at birth, investing in early learning benefits the individual child, the family, and society. Read More

Increasing Math Achievement in Early Childhood Through Arts Education -

The arts is more than just fun and games. It is an important learning tool as well.  On Thursday, the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, an Invest In US partner, and the American Institute for Research (AIR), released a study touting arts education as a promising approach to improve early learning. Specifically, the study found that that arts-integrated teaching methods in early childhood education can … Read More