Month: August 2016

New Study Shows ECE Educational Gap is Narrowing -

Despite widening income inequality in America, a new study, Recent Trends in Income, Racial, and Ethnic School Readiness Gaps at Kindergarten Entry, out earlier this week in AERA Open, shows the gap in school readiness between high- and low-income students entering Kindergarten is closing significantly. In fact, it is closing by 10 to 16 percentage points from 1998 to 2010. In a recent NPR interview, the study’s lead author, Sean … Read More

ED and HHS Invest $1 Million in Early Learning to Support Positive Behavioral Interventions -

In response to the high rate of preschool suspension and expulsion, which is disproportionately experienced by children of color, the U.S. Departments of Education (ED) and Health and Human Services (HHS) released a joint policy statement in 2014. The statement speaks to the gravity of the issue and calls upon early learning programs, districts and states to establish policies that promote positive behavioral interventions. The joint commitment by ED … Read More

NEW VIDEO: White House Regional Summit on Early Childhood Dual Language Learners -

High-quality early learning for dual language learners has warranted powerful results from not only children, but educators and parents as well. Early development of dual language learners has proven to lead to improved reading, writing and school success. Earlier this summer, early childhood advocates, representatives from the business and scientific research community and leaders from the Obama administration came together at the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education … Read More

NGA Supports States’ Effort to Improve Early Care and Education Workforce -

This week the bipartisan National Governor’s Association (NGA) announced it will be providing seven states with technical assistance to strengthen the early care and education workforce across the county. The states, Alabama, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington, will receive grants and support to help develop a policy agenda to improve the quality of their early care and education professionals. Governors and their staff will now have stronger workforce investment strategies and resources at … Read More

Office of Head Start Celebrates Early Childhood Screening Week -

Early Screenings are vital to a child’s overall health and development. It is often the first opportunity in a child’s life to identify concerns as well as mitigate costs and interventions in later child development. To raise awareness of this critical piece to supporting child outcomes, the Office of Head Start is celebrating Early Childhood Screening Week. During this week, the Office of Head Start is shining light on the … Read More