Month: September 2016

George W. Bush Institute Releases State of Our Cities: Profiles of Education Performance around the Nation -

Ever wonder how your city’s educational outcomes compare to other places? Well you are in luck. The George W. Bush Institute recently released a new website that showcases over 100 city profiles on educational performance around the nation. City reports are interactive and provide key data on factors impacting education such as student demographics, achievements, and outcomes. There is even a section on early childhood education enrollment, and programs. Read More

FFYF & The Atlantic Host Political & Policy Discussion: The ABC’s of Early Childhood -

On Wednesday, FFYF sponsored an event with The Atlantic: Politics & Policy to discuss the ABC’s of Early Childhood. The event featured two panel discussions about what this unprecedented election season might mean for early care and learning inside the beltway. The first panel featured Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas and Republican Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia – two champions of early childhood on Capitol Hill. Moderator Steve Clemons … Read More

Bipartisan House Bill Leverages Early Learning Interventions to Reform Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act -

Upwards of 2 million children are involved in the juvenile justice system across the country, and a number of children are at risk for an encounter with law enforcement due to factors like poverty and homelessness. With the intent of supporting children who have had encounters with the juvenile justice system, Congress passed the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) in 1974, which provides federal resources to state juvenile … Read More

Committee for Economic Development Releases New Resources for Business Leaders to Engage in ECE -

Over the past several years, business and community leaders have shown unprecedented support for early childhood education. Earlier this month, The Committee for Economic Development, released two new resource for business leaders to engage in early childhood education. The first of the resources, is a 5-part audio podcast series entitled, Conversations on Advancing Early Learning, which features business leaders and national research experts discussing key topics about early learning. Read More

Bipartisan Congressional Pre-K Caucus Features Panel on Early Education Outside the Classroom -

Children begin learning long before they enter a classroom setting, and on September 8th, the bipartisan Congressional Pre-K Caucus highlighted the impact that early learning opportunities outside the classroom can have on a child’s academic performance in the classroom.  The caucus chairpersons include Representatives Joaquin Castro (TX), Katharine Clark (MA), Tom Cole (OK) and Richard Hanna (NY). Thursday’s panel featured Esther Lofgren, a U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist for Rowing and … Read More