Author: First Five Years Fund

FFYF Celebrates Early Childhood Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week -

This week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! At FFYF, we’re taking time this week to stop and thank all of our nation’s incredible teachers and caregivers—particularly those working with children from birth through age 5—who make high-quality education opportunities a reality. We encourage you to do the same! For our youngest learners, the period from birth through age five is critical for long-term cognitive, social, and emotional development. The … Read More

Key ECE Highlights From This Week’s State of the State Addresses -

Public support for high-quality early childhood education remained strong in 2017, as evidenced by overwhelmingly unified support among voters and policymakers across the political spectrum. As FFYF advocates for increased federal support for early childhood education programs, we are encouraged by support at the state level to expand access to high quality programs and services.  This past week alone, three governors have prioritized the issue in “State of … Read More


Preserving and building on bipartisan progress In a year when divisive rhetoric, calls for resistance, and partisan distrust dominate the political headlines across the country, public support for investing in quality early childhood education from birth through age five remained an overwhelmingly unifying issue among American voters – and lawmakers – of every political persuasion. The past twelve months of advocacy and achievement build on bipartisan momentum that has been … Read More

New Study Reveals Long-term Benefits of Tulsa’s Pre-K Program -

A new study from Georgetown University finds Tulsa’s universal pre-K program has produced significant, positive effects on students’ educational achievement and well-being through middle school. Researchers found that middle school students who participated in Tulsa’s pre-K program “have higher math test scores, are more likely to enroll in honors courses, and are noticeably less likely to have been retained in grade.” Early findings found that children in the study … Read More

Jim Messina & Kevin Madden: A Year After Election, Early Childhood Education Remains Rare Unifying Issue -

By Jim Messina & Kevin Madden   It has been one year since Donald J. Trump was elected President. Between then and now, the focus may seem tilted toward how voters are more divided than ever, with the headlines occupied by stories about division and gridlock. But, despite all this rancor, when you talk to elected officials of either party from President, to Senators, to Congress, or Governors, they often … Read More