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Charter Expansion Bolsters ECE Mixed Delivery System -

In recent years, local, state and federal investment in early learning and care have been trending upward. At the state level, investment in Pre-K has increased by 47 percent over the last five years. These state funded initiatives and capacity-building commitments show strong support for what research shows is the most critical period of development in a child’s life. Unfortunately, child care is still one of the largest expenses … Read More

Early Childhood Education Action Tank Releases Tax Policy Recommendations to Expand High-Quality Early Learning -

The First Five Years Fund and a diverse coalition of children’s advocacy groups, businesses and financial institutions, convened by Save the Children Action Network, have released a report with tax policy recommendations aimed at expanding access to high-quality early learning in the U.S. These recommendations could become part of comprehensive tax reform legislation planned by the new Congress and incoming Administration. The group, called the … Read More

ED Announces $3 Million in Preschool Pay for Success Grants -

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced more than $3 million in grants for Preschool Pay for Success feasibility pilots. Through innovative funding strategies, these grants will help eight government organizations at the state and local level to increase access to quality preschool and improve educational outcomes for our nation’s youngest learners. Among the winners are one state (Minnesota), one charter school, one school district and five local … Read More


In a year when partisan politics captivated the spotlight across America, one issue continued to transcend the “left vs. right” divide and made tremendous progress at the federal level: early childhood education. Congress and the Obama administration achieved bipartisan victories for America’s youngest learners in 2016. FFYF’s latest national bipartisan poll proved definitively that, even in an angry and polarized election, 90% of voters agree on one thing: Congress … Read More

FFYF’s Tax Proposals Support Working Families with Access to Quality Early Learning and Care -

Access to quality early learning and care opportunities for children under age five is a crucial investment that many families across the country struggle to afford. The core federal early childhood education programs, such as Head Start and Child Care, are responsible for serving families from low-income backgrounds. Unfortunately, across the country, the need to access these critical programs far outpaces their current capacity. Faced with limited resources, local, state, … Read More