Budget & Appropriations

House Omnibus Bill Includes Huge Bipartisan Funding Increases for Early Learning & Care Programs -

Late Wednesday evening, the U.S. House unveiled an omnibus government spending bill, which includes a huge funding increase for some of the nation’s vital early learning and care programs. BIG NEWS: The Omnibus government funding bill just unveiled in the House includes huge funding increases for crucial early learning and care programs! 1/4 — FirstFiveYearsFund (@firstfiveyears) March 22, 2018 Overwhelming bipartisan support on … Read More

After Bipartisan Promise of Doubling Child Care Funding, Congress Must Seal the Deal -

On February 9th Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) that included a bipartisan budget deal to keep the government funded through March 23, 2018. The bill also allowed appropriators to incorporate new, higher, spending caps into a FY2018 Omnibus spending bill, that includes an unprecedented $5.8 billion in funding over two years for the Child Care and Development Block Grant program (CCDBG). Unfortunately, as the deadline quickly approached, recent disagreement … Read More

New National Academies Report Examines Financing of Quality Early Childhood Programs -

A groundbreaking new report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine concludes that “high-quality early care and education (ECE) for children from birth to kindergarten entry is critical to children’s positive development, but it has been financed in such a way that it is only available to a fraction of the families who need and want it.” The National Academies convened a committee of experts … Read More

Here’s the Latest on MIECHV Reauthorization -

Last night, the House of Representatives passed a short-term government funding bill to keep the government funded beyond the midnight Thursday deadline. Included in the bill – known as a Continuing Resolution (CR) – were a number of bipartisan health care provisions and “extenders,” including funding for community health centers (CHCs), delayed cuts to safety net hospitals, and more. However, the House bill did not include a reauthorization for … Read More


Preserving and building on bipartisan progress In a year when divisive rhetoric, calls for resistance, and partisan distrust dominate the political headlines across the country, public support for investing in quality early childhood education from birth through age five remained an overwhelmingly unifying issue among American voters – and lawmakers – of every political persuasion. The past twelve months of advocacy and achievement build on bipartisan momentum that has been … Read More