Lifelong Gains

New Harvard Study Reveals Lasting Benefits of Quality Early Childhood Education -

A new study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education finds medium- and long-term educational outcomes for children who experience early childhood education (ECE) programs. Researchers from five universities, led by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, analyzed 22 high-quality studies, which were conducted between 1960 and 2016. This meta-analysis found that children who attended high-quality ECE programs were less likely to be placed in special education, … Read More

Oprah Winfrey’s “Life-Changing” Report on Childhood Trauma -

CBS News: Oprah Winfrey reports on how trauma plays a role in childhood development and what new methods are being used to help kids who have experienced it. Last week on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Oprah Winfrey reported on childhood trauma, and the emotional, developmental, and biological impact it has on a person for the rest of his or her life. “Of all the stories I’ve ever done in my life, and … Read More

New Child Trends Report Examines Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences -

Child Trends released a new report this week, which explores the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), as well as their effect on early childhood development. What are ACEs? And what effect do they have on children? ACEs are characterized as traumatic childhood events, such as abuse, neglect, witnessing a crime, or living with a parent with mental illness and have a profound effect on children who experience … Read More

New NIH Study: Children Who Experience Quality ECE More Likely to Earn College Degree -

A new study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) finds students who participated in an intensive early childhood program were more likely to achieve greater academic gains beyond high school. Researchers obtained these results by following the 30-year progress of 958 students who attended the Child-Parent Centers (CPS) program in inner-city Chicago. The study found that CPS graduates were more likely to obtain higher academic degrees than their … Read More


Preserving and building on bipartisan progress In a year when divisive rhetoric, calls for resistance, and partisan distrust dominate the political headlines across the country, public support for investing in quality early childhood education from birth through age five remained an overwhelmingly unifying issue among American voters – and lawmakers – of every political persuasion. The past twelve months of advocacy and achievement build on bipartisan momentum that has been … Read More