Voters Overwhelmingly Support Investments in Home Visiting Programs -

American voters agree: early childhood education must be a priority for Congress and the administration. According to the First Five Years Fund’s 2017 annual poll, 78% of voters support investments in home visiting programs that help parents support their child’s early learning, health, and emotional development. Our polling also shows us that this is not a partisan issue. Majorities of every partisan persuasion also say these investments are important … Read More


In a year when partisan politics captivated the spotlight across America, one issue continued to transcend the “left vs. right” divide and made tremendous progress at the federal level: early childhood education. Congress and the Obama administration achieved bipartisan victories for America’s youngest learners in 2016. FFYF’s latest national bipartisan poll proved definitively that, even in an angry and polarized election, 90% of voters agree on one thing: Congress … Read More

FFYF & The Atlantic Host Political & Policy Discussion: The ABC’s of Early Childhood -

On Wednesday, FFYF sponsored an event with The Atlantic: Politics & Policy to discuss the ABC’s of Early Childhood. The event featured two panel discussions about what this unprecedented election season might mean for early care and learning inside the beltway. The first panel featured Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas and Republican Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia – two champions of early childhood on Capitol Hill. Moderator Steve Clemons … Read More

2015: Another momentous year for early childhood education -

After much hard work, early childhood education once again ended the year on a high note. Governors from red and blue states alike invested more in early childhood education. Businesses and philanthropies implemented the public/private commitments made through Invest In US. An overwhelming majority of the voting public ranked early childhood development as one of the most important federal issues. Early childhood education was finally made a part of education … Read More

First Five Years Fund Poll Shows Strong Bipartisan Support for Federal Action on Early Education: Broad support for federal plan by Republicans, Democrats and Independents -

WASHINGTON – A new national poll released today by the First Five Years Fund finds that 71 percent of voters – including 60 percent of Republicans – support greater federal investments in early childhood education. Importantly, these same voters are willing for Congress and President Obama to spend now in order to capitalize on the economic return on investment from early childhood education, as documented by Nobel Prize-winning economist … Read More